Tuesday, December 7, 2010


i'll definitely could not call the man that i don't really know in such a way as I have dignity..macam ni ke dunia blogging ni wey?..tau la korang nak buat kawan kat sini..tapi agak2 la..

but the worst thing is..you could never understand this..you just keep on defending them..and give me this bad feeling..thanks honey..

p/s : i don't know..entry agak hot setelah last entry psl red post tu..ok xde kaitan..i guess i'm going to have my pms soon..n thats a good reason for me to be like this..perhaps..T_T and suke hati la nak bahasekan diri ape pon..pernah ke aku complain blog ko..

1 comment:

alexa yussida said...

perasaan cemburu kadang2 elok kadang2 makan diri..:)


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